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What are the types of open lifeboats

2021-04-01 12:03:27

Open lifeboats are essential equipment when we are at sea, and of course, they are also divided into several types. Today, the editor will introduce them to you!

1. Lifeline

It is two ropes with knots set on the transverse tension rope of the boat davit.

① During the process of retracting and releasing a lifeboat, the accompanying personnel need to grip it tightly with both hands and follow the lifeline, which can prevent accidental falls of personnel on board due to reasons such as the lifeboat shaking or accidental falling.

② When personnel board or disembark from the lifeboat on the lifeboat deck, they can safely board or disembark from the lifeboat with the help of lifelines, which can prevent accidents such as stepping on or slipping.

③ In emergency situations where the ship sinks or tilts, a lifeline can also be used to slide onto the sea surface or inside a lifeboat (raft).

2. Restraining rope

It is a rigging that connects the dedicated eye plate of the suspended boat shoulder to the suspended boat ring (dedicated eye ring), with one end attached to the suspended boat ring equipped with a quick release device. During the process of lowering the lifeboat from the storage area to the outside of the lifeboat deck, it will be limited by the length of the sway rope and will be pulled inward, thereby reducing the clearance distance between the lifeboat and the lifeboat deck. At the same time, it can also slow down the swaying of the lifeboat during the landing process, avoiding the possibility of personnel being thrown out of the lifeboat.

3. Tighten the rope

It is a rigging used to connect boats for lateral tightening, consisting of a rope and a double pulley block with hook heads at both ends. One hook head is hung on the dedicated eye plate under the shoulder of the suspended boat, and the other hook head is hung on the earrings of the suspended boat ring, with the rope head pulled towards the boat. When the lifeboat is lowered to the lifeboat deck in strong winds, waves, or when the ship tilts, there will still be a significant gap and significant shaking. To eliminate the above safety hazards, the tightening rope installed at the bow and stern of the lifeboat is used to pull the lifeboat close to the lifeboat deck, and the rope end is tied to the sheepfold of the boat, so that personnel and injured persons can safely board the lifeboat on stretchers.

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