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The purpose and structure of electric gangway winch

2021-03-31 10:39:49

There are various control methods for gangway winches, mainly electric and pneumatic. Bulk carriers generally use electric gangway winches, while oil tankers use more pneumatic forms for safety reasons. Marine gangway winches are mainly used as an assembly on ships. Only by truly grasping their structure can we better play their performance. Therefore, the following will introduce the purpose and structure of gangway winches.

1. Purpose of marine winch

Electric gangway winch is a short-term working mechanical equipment mainly used for retracting and releasing gangways on ships.

This product has a compact structure, flexible and convenient operation, and is equipped with an electric control switch for reliable use. It is also equipped with a manual retractable device for emergency use on ships. When manually driving the gangway, the limit switch cuts off the power supply to ensure personal safety.

This series of winches can be installed in two types: base type and inverted hanging type (ED type for base type and EC type for inverted hanging type). They can be installed vertically on the deck or upside down under the upper deck, and are available in symmetrical left and right models.

2. Introduction to the Structure of Marine Winches

This series of gangway winches consists of flange type electric motors, reduction gearboxes, drums, bidirectional ratchet wrenches, interlocking limit switches, and other components. The electric motor is a YZ-H series horizontal flange connection motor without a brake.

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Add: Yingbin Industrial Zone, Songmen, Wenling, Zhejiang, China

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