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Classification of lifeboats

2021-03-31 10:31:30

1. Classified by structural form

a. Open lifeboat: It is a type of lifeboat without a fixed roof device.

b. Partially enclosed lifeboat: It is a lifeboat with a fixed rigid canopy of no less than 20% of the hull length at the bow and stern, and a foldable canopy between them. The foldable canopy can be supported by 1-2 people.

3. Fully enclosed lifeboat: It refers to a lifeboat with a fixed top cover on the upper part of the boat, which has good insulation and water tightness.

2. Classified by material

a. Galvanized steel boat: rarely used.

b. Aluminum alloy lifeboats: In the past, some oil tankers often used this type of lifeboat.

c. Fiberglass boat: It is a lifeboat made of fiberglass woven into a fabric and then bonded to the structure with resin adhesive. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, durability, and resistance to seawater corrosion, and the vast majority of lifeboats use this material.

3. Classified by function

a. Lifeboats with self centering function: Some fully enclosed lifeboats have self centering function.

b. Lifeboats with self supplied gas systems: Some fully enclosed lifeboats are equipped with self supplied gas systems and are installed on oil tankers, chemical tankers, and liquefied gas tankers. They are generally equipped with four steel cylinders and can be used for no less than 10 minutes. The pressure inside the lifeboat shall not be lower than the atmospheric pressure outside the lifeboat, nor shall it exceed the atmospheric pressure of 20hPa or more.

c. Lifeboats with fire-resistant and high-temperature resistant functions: Fire resistant and high-temperature resistant lifeboats refer to fully enclosed lifeboats made of fire-resistant materials on the surface of the hull, mainly installed on oil tankers, chemical tankers, gas tankers, and other ships carrying cargo with a flash point below 60 ℃. Its structure can protect its rated passengers from oil and fire for no less than 8 minutes when on the water surface, and there is a self supplied gas system inside the boat and a water spray device outside the boat.

d. Lifeboats with free fall into water function: They have self centering function and can quickly enter the water from the boat frame.

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